101 Ways To Make Money Blogging

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It has been a really long journey with our How to start a blog series. Till now we have discussed about the best blogging platforms, starting a free blog, a professional blog with some investment, and also about SEO.

Now let us get involved into the main topic for which most of  you would have started a blog – Making Money from your Blog!

Make money blogging

Before getting inside the methods by which you can make money from your blog, let me show you this article I previously posted – Why Do Millions Of People Quit Blogging. Because if money is the only reason you started a blog for, and if you lack expertise about any topic that you are blogging about, then most likely you will NOT be making even pennies from your blog. I am sorry to say, but most probably you will also be quitting one day.

And now – one another important thing. Its a lesson you MUST learn about making money online. The lesson is hidden inside the title itself!

Didn’t get it? The lesson is  - Don’t get cheated by claims!

Got it now? Of course the title at this blog post may say that I would be mentioning about 101 ways to make money but am I really going to? Do you think that there may REALLY be more than 100 ways to make money online?

I don’t think so friends!

And this was your first lesson. Don’t get into false claims which looks tempting. They may lead you into a trap and they may also be fraud!

OK.OK. Now stop cursing me for this trick! After you have learned the most important lesson, we shall continue with the real thing – 11 Ways To Make Money From Your Blog!

11 Ways To Make Money Blogging

1. PPC Advertisement – Heard of Adsense?

Pay per click advertisement networks can be the easiest way for any blogger, whether a new one or an old expert one, to make money blogging. And in the industry of PPC, Google Adsense is no doubt the largest name.

Its a product by Google, the search engine giant. Apart from Adsense, there are a lot of other alternatives too like Chitikla, Infolinks, Clicksor and a new one by Yahoo and Bing – Media.net

PPC works as follows:

You provide certain ad space to the PPC network for displaying ads from various sites. When any person clicks on those ads and visits the advertising site, you get a certain amount of money for it.

Simple structure? Isn’t it?

Simple to understand and simple to implement, PPC is the main source of income for all beginner bloggers because this type of advertising structure lets them monetize every page of their blog without any huge trouble.

All the PPC networks I have heard of are free to register. Though you need a website for it, which you already have :D . Some of them like Adsense will review your site before they confirm your registration while some won’t. All the networks work differently and not all are the same in terms of quality, performance and payment methods.

The best one no doubt is Adsense (though some people would argue that Adsense doesn’t work good for them). Google Adsense is free to sign-up, they will review your site and if they comply to their terms and policies (they have a long policy list which you MUST always comply to or you will get banned from their program immediately!) and then start serving ads for your web pages.

From Adsense, it is possible to earn from $0.01 to $20 based on ‘keywords’. And its not possible to determine how much you earn per click for your blog. Adsense keeps a lot of things secret :D

You earn money for every click made on your ads and when you receive a minimum of $100 in your Adsense account, you would receive a check for your earnings.

Check out this page to learn more about the Google Adsense program or to sign-up for it.

Oh! And if you belong to any Asian country, more specifically from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, etc then you must read this article written by me for FavouriteHobbies.com about how sometimes Asian bloggers get banned from Adsense – Adsense vs Indian Bloggers

And also read about my experience with Adsense alternatives.

2. PPM Advertisement – Pay per million

Similar to PPM, but this one depends more on the traffic that you are getting to your blog. As the name suggests, the money you would be earning depends on views to advertisements displayed at your blog.

Usually the cost is set per 1000 views. Again, there are a number of  PPM networks providing anything between $1 to maybe even $10 per 1000 views. I have not tried a lot of them, and I indeed don’t remember if I even tried any seriously and so I would not be able to guide you to the best PPM network. You will have to take the help of Google if you seriously want to find out the best one and to try out.

For some people with huge traffic, PPM can work better than PPC. Whereas for some people like mine, PPC works better than PPM.

Google Adsense also serves some PPM ads along with PPC in their program, but you can’t select which type of network you prefer to implement. Its in the hands of Adsense itself. And most of the times, you would get only PPC ads on your ad blocks from Adsense.

3. PPV Advertisement – Pay per view

This one is most similar to PPM and the only difference according to me is that with PPV, you get priced per every view to ad units and not per 1000 views.

PPM and PPV are a lot less preferred than PPC.

4. Affiliate Marketing

This one is a jumbo. And at the same time, difficult to understand.

So keep your mind clear and try to understand the structure of affiliate marketing.

Suppose there is a product ‘A’ priced at suppose $100. Now the manufacturer and you can say owner of this product is say ‘ABC’. Now ABC will be trying to sell his product A to as many people as possible, right?

Now here comes affiliate marketing…

You are a blogger or a webmaster ‘XYZ’. You have a number of readers at your blog. You write at your blog – “Hey friends, this product A is really nice.. I have tried it and its so and so.” (Most probably you will only say this if you have really tried it, I hope so!) and also leave an affiliate link to that product page in the blog post.

Now your readers may feel interest in buying the product. They click on those special affiliate links to the product your placed in your blog post. They may buy the product too…


So, the affiliate link acts as a notice to the owner that the product was sold because of you and so you would get a commission for it! say you get $30 i.e. 30% commission!

Got it?

Affiliate marketing is the method by which bloggers or webmasters refer certain products to other people and in return of every sale, they get a commission for it. The commission can be based on percentage or can be a flat commission too.

Most of the products that we see online do offer affiliate partnership. Check out the websites of the products you would like to promote and find the affiliate partnership page.

Or to save you from all those searching and applying, you can sign-up for an affiliate network like Commission Junction or e-Junkie. There are others too.

These networks also make your analysis work much easier and all your payments are processed by the network themselves (except e-Junkie, which doesn’t pay you directly, the payments are managed by product manufacturers themselves.)

Why did I say that affiliate marketing is a jumbo one? Because you can monetize any type of blog with this method, you get a lot more earnings compared to PPC or any other advertising network and also because it doesn’t clutter your blog with advertisements which many of your visitors won’t like to see anyways.

But with the jumbo opportunities, comes another jumbo task – skill.

You need effective skills to sell products, to perform good in affiliate marketing, in short to earn money from your blog by affiliate marketing. Simply because you are saying that the product ‘A’ is nice doesn’t mean that all your visitors will run to buy it for themselves! Affiliate marketing is more about the right skills and patience, rather than the ease with PPC advertisements.

5. Direct Advertisement

This method to earn money from your blog would work if you have a reputed blog, with good and at least some medium traffic levels and a good readership.

In direct advertisement, you can get opportunities from advertisers directly who are interested in advertising at your blog on a flat fee basis. Or you can also approach any advertiser and ask them to advertise at your blog.

As I said, this method depends on your blog’s reputation and traffic level because advertisers would be interested in getting the maximum profit out of their advertising costs. Direct advertisement is way better than PPC in many ways.

First – You don’t have to rely on ad serving networks to serve ads to your blog pages. You can decide whether you want a certain advertiser to advertise at your blog or to deny them, means it would make you more owner of your ad spaces than PPC networks.

Second – You can set your own price or negotiate with the advertiser and get full satisfaction for the price you would receive in retutn of the ad space.

The amount of money you can get for direct advertisement depends on your blog. The more the traffic, rankings, etc, the higher you can charge them.

6. Accepting Paid Posts

Again, this would need a reputed blog with good name, traffic and rankings because even in this method, advertisers would be interested in getting the most out of the links they give along with an article to your blog.

In this method to make money from your blog, advertisers, or even other bloggers or webmasters would provide you an article to publish at your blog, with links to their sites or products included in them. And they would pay you a fixed flat fee for publishing the post under your name.

Similar to direct advertisement, charges depend on your blog’s reputation, traffic, rankings, etc.

7. Sponsored reviews

Similar to accepting paid posts, but this time the post is not written by the advertiser themselves. Instead you have to write it. And you have to write just one thing – A review about the product the advertiser is marketing for.

Suppose the manufacturer ‘ABC’ approaches you and says you to try out his product ‘A’ and then write a review about it at your blog. In return ABC would pay you the charge you demand them.

Again, an advertiser would only approach you if your blog stands ahead in the crowd or if you approach them, they would accept the offer only if you have a sufficiently large blog.

8. Sell your own products

One of the best ways to make money blogging is to sell your own merchandise. As a blogger, you would make e-books about your blog topic, or as a developer or designer you would make premium themes or any other products.

You are the sole owner of your own products, so you can set any price you like and can sell them to interested people on your blog. You can also start an affiliate program for your product and increase your sales.

Everything is up to you. That is what makes this method one of the most self reliant.

9. Make money blogging by working for others

If you are good at blogging, writing SEO articles or in designing/developing, then you can get yourself a job from other people to work on their blog/website.

There is a huge category called – Freelancing which is about selling articles to other webmasters/bloggers.

You can also start consulting other webmasters for a fee.

10. Start a premium membership blog/forum

Only for experienced and highly reputed bloggers!

You can start a blog or a forum which would NOT be free to read. Yes you read it right. You can ask for membership charges to sign-up for those special blogs or forums to view the premium content.

But as I said, its only for highly reputed bloggers because if you are just a beginner, not a single person would be mad enough to pay membership fees to read immature blog posts or anything that is already available for free all over the internet.

Once you get yourself famous (really really famous I would say :D ) you can try to start a premium membership blogging community and increase your overall earnings.

11. Asking for some money – Using the ‘donate’ button!

Last but not the least (ok. Maybe really the least :( ) you can ask your fellow readers to donate some money to you!

Some people may take it as a shame but its not that bad. Even some top quality charity sites run on donation.

All you need to do is place a ‘donate’ button in the sidebar of your blog, say 1-2 lines to your readers and ask them to donate something through paypal or any other payment system. That’s it! Some of your readers may get generous enough and provide some donation your website.

Start speaking bloggers! Its your turn now!

I believe that I said a lot of things. Right? Now let me tell you how many of these methods have I used at my blogs – PPC, affiliate marketint, direct advertisements and paid posts.

I hope you are not angry with my trick of the 101 ways, are you :D ? Remember the lesson you learned with this trick – Please don’t ever fall for those fraud sites which claim that they can make you rich quick. OK?

You need hard work and patience to make money blogging. Got it?

Now don’t be shy and comment below – Let me know your views about this list here and how many of these methods do you implement?

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About the Author: Mahaveer Verma

Mahaveer Verma is the admin of Blogging Panorama. He is a student with great interest in blogging and technology. In this blog, he shares his knowledge about Blogging and SEO. Follow him on Google+

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  • Superb article as I found 11 best ways to make money blogging..Mahaveer do you think that one should keep trying out more ways to earn by blogging?
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  • Hi Mahaveer,

    Am new to your blog. Your blog s looking good. Am a blogger & blogging for 4 years. In this 4 years, still am learning about blogging. I can't able to say, i know everything about blogging. Because, growing of technology never stops.

    Your post is very simple and informative. I like your way of presentation. Thanks for sharing this marvelous post. Keep on doing like this. I am glad to see your "Guest Post" in my blog. Expecting Soooooooooooooon Mahaveer.
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  • Hello Mahaveer,
    I appreciate your stuff the way you represents the 11 ways to make money from various facilities available on internet. In all points, I love google adsense as usual and direct ads. Both are exceptional. Eventually if someone wants to make money from google, then adsense for Youtube videos is best. Its without investment business off-course, isn't it….?
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  • Hey Mahaveer,
    Great update i have worked with some methods on which you have listed and earning on it hope others too will get benefits from your post thanks for taking time to list this stuff on your blog
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  • HI Mahaveer Verma
    the blog post is very nice.

    but for new bloggers wont be abke to decide which way is the better?

    so I wish if you edit this post and write something about on numbers of visitors.
    such as if a blogger has 70 to 100 visitors daily then he should go to the way number so and so….

    I hope you may understand my words.
    waiting for your reply.

    • Hey Pishang. It is quite impossible to categorize every method based on visits because every niche has a different search level and has different earning capacities at different visitor levels.

      But I would say that for low or medium traffic, just like beginners, PPC, PPM, PPV, Affiliate (upto some extend), and donation buttons may work.

      For higher traffic reputed sites, all of them would work. And for highly reputed bloggers, starting a premium membership site would also work.

      Hope this clears the concept. Thanks for reading :)
      Mahaveer Verma recently posted… The Top Secret Recipe To Blog Like A ProMy Profile

  • Hello Mahaveer, Your Article is Prefect guideline to earn money via blogging.

    tnx for this guideline,
    Razak Gory recently posted… 5 Tips To Improve Your Blog or Website With Google+My Profile

  • Hi mahaveer
    Nice list awesome tips and ways to make money online :)
    Thanks for sharing the valuable information …

  • A few months back, I also wrote a post about top 5 ways to make money from blogging. But this is really great post more than my post. Always you try to write 2000 word posts. It is awesome.
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  • Great article Mahaveer. This is the first time that I visited your blog. From my perspective 'donate' method is not performing well.
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  • Nice tips!
    Especially the last one, its a bit difficult though!
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  • Hi Mahaveer!

    Thank you so much for the information in this blog, I am still starting my blog and still trying to build an audience. I am planning to use these suggestions to make money in the long run, but the intention is to provide information and make money secondly.

    Kind Regards
    Kingdom Mayeza

  • thanks for sharing tips, but i do think PPV and PPM are way better option for bloggers than PPC. Not only they allow to make advertiser pay more for your premium content but allow you to have more control on ads than PPC method. :)
    Hemu recently posted… July QuotesMy Profile

  • Huh! AdSense is one of the greatest earning online people hate because of their strictly policy but notwithstanding it's still the best way and even the first motive of all blogger and bloggers before thinking of another alternative when Google adsense sent a message that makes paople so heck: 'Sorry your blog doesn't comply with AdSense police' lolz…

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