3 Reasons Why No One is Reading Your Blog

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You came up with a killer idea for your blog. You registered a domain name, set up your blog, and then you waited…and you waited some more. Only a few people came to your blog, and those people didn’t come back. Don’t throw in the towel just yet. Make a few changes to your blog that will help you get and keep traffic.

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Get a Professional Theme

A lot of people use one of WordPress’s preloaded themes. These generic Premium WordPress themes are on websites all over the Internet, so people associate them with sites that are cheap and unprofessional. If you are using one of those generic themes, it might be the reason that you can’t get people to come back to your blog.
With that in mind, step outside of the box when looking at WordPress themes. Come up with something that other people don’t have. It will make your blog look more professional, so you will be able to get visitors to come back over and over again.

Make Your Visitors Remember You

It might be hard to believe, but people can actually forget about you. You can make yourself more memorable by allowing people to sign up to get your blog posts delivered to their email boxes. The easiest way to do this is to solicit subscriptions with an opt-in form from AWeber or iContact. Collect email addresses and send that list blog broadcasts. Then, they will get your blog every time you post one.

Update Your Blog More Often

Search engines like it when blog owners update often, and so do readers. If search engines crawl your site and never see anything new, they won’t bump you up in the rankings. At the same time, if people go to your site and never see anything new, they will remove your bookmark and find a new blog to take your place.
Update your blog with fresh content several times a week. That will make the search engines and your visitors happy.
As you can see, there are a lot of things that can impact the number of visitors your blog gets. With that in mind, take the time to create a blog that people will want to come to over and over again. Start with your theme and end with great content. Then, you will attract lots of traffic, and keep that traffic coming back for more.
About the Guest Author: Anny Solway is a dedicated writer at ThemeFuse – a leader in the Premium WordPress Themes area. She likes to discover new ideas about internet marketing, social media and blogging.

About the Author: Mahaveer Verma

Mahaveer Verma is the admin of Blogging Panorama. He is a student with great interest in blogging and technology. In this blog, he shares his knowledge about Blogging and SEO. Follow him on Google+

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