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That is because there are too many risks of hosting a WordPress.org blog on free hosting. More information below.

In the previous article we were discussing about starting a blog with some little investments like a domain name and a web hosting. Then we discussed about the 3 best web hosting providers for a WordPress blog.

Free WordPress Web Hosting
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Now if you are hesitating a bit before investing in a web hosting plan, then you can use a free web host to try WordPress for free. You can also get a free sub-domain from these sites to point your WordPress blog to. And after trying out the basics of WordPress, you can get a web hosting plan and host your new site with it.

Before having a look at these free web hosting providers, let us have a look at the disadvantages and risks with free web hosting.

Risks and Disadvantages of using a Free Web Host

  • Very low disk space.

  • Low bandwidth.
  • No support team with most of the free web hosts.
  • No guarantee of uptime and even your whole blog! (Even if they say so).
  • Your blog may be deleted any time! (Even if they guarantee your safety. I have the proof myself because my test blog was automatically deleted after few weeks without my concern!)
  • Forced advertisement on some free web hosting sites.

So that is why I don’t recommend anyone to trust these free web hosting providers for their commercial blog.

Free Web Hosting Providers

Here I will mention 3 of the best free web hosting providers for hosting a WordPress blog. These web hosts are chosen on the basis of web space, bandwidth and other features along with their nature of forcing advertisements or not.

1. Byet Host

For my test blog, I used Byet Host and I was able to install WordPress very easily on it. Also I found the uptime to be very decent.

Some of the main features of Byet Host are:

  • 1000 MB Disk Space
  • FTP account and File Manager
  • Control Panel
  • MySQL databases & PHP Support
  • Free tech support
  • Addon domain, Parked Domains, Sub-Domains
  • Free Community Access (Forums)
  • Clustered Servers
  • No forced ads.

More info here.

2. 000WebHost

000WebHost is actually a very famous free web hosting provider. This web host has been providing free hosting options since the last 2 years.

Some of the main features of 000WebHost are:

  • 1500 MB Disk Space
  • 3 GB data transfer
  • 99% uptime
  • Automated weekly backups
  • Autoinstaller for 10 scripts including WordPress.org
  • PHP with MySQL database support
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • No forced ads.

More info here.

3. 100WebSpace

100WebSpace.com provides two basically free plans. One with forced ads and other without ads that cost $0.99/month.

Some of the main features of 100WebSpace are:

  • 100 MB Disk Space
  • 3 GB data transfer
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • 1 domain and 10 sub-domains supported
  • FrontPage extensions support
  • MySQL database with 5MB storage

More info here.


Once again, I would like to remind you all that you SHOULD NEVER go for free web hosting if you are serious about your blog.

Use any of these free web hosts to experiment and get the feel of WordPress and then go for paid WordPress hosting.

What do you say about them?

Do comment and let us know!

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