Everything You Wanted To Know About Google Adsense

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Google Adsense is a very familiar name if you have been blogging since even 1 month. Adsense has become just like a synonym to make money blogging and needs no special introduction.

Needs no special introduction and still I wrote this post all about Adsense?

Yes absolutely.

There is no need for me to tell what Adsense is and what it can do to you, but I need to tell you those smaller things that define Adsense and that help you make the most out of it or at least get accepted by Adsense more easily than ever!


Every now and then I get questions from my beginner blogger friends about making money with Adsense, how to apply, what are the requirements to apply for Adsense, etc. So as a part of my ‘How To Start A Blog‘ series, I decided to write about the basic things related to Google Adsense.

So lets start the questionnaire!

What Is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is an easy to implement and safe method to monetize web pages (your blog for you).

Adsense is a PPC (Pay Per Click) ad network. Publishers use a portion of space on their websites/blogs to serve Adsense ads. (For eg – check out the beginning of this post, you will find such an ad space used by Adsense.)

Now Google Adsense pays you for every valid CLICK made on those ads on your website/blog.

When your total earnings reach a minimum of $100, they send you your payment  by the end of that month by means of check (worldwide) or wired transfer/any other means (only for some limited countries).

How Does Adsense Work?

Gear - Google AdsenseFirst of all, you have to register to the Google Adsense program (how to register? see below). They have a strict policy which your website must comply to while registering and also comply in the future to avoid any issues later on (Adsense is too famous for banning publishers who don’t comply to their terms and conditions).

After signing up successfully, you will be given ad codes to place on your website.

Google Adsense automatically scans your web content and serves ads which are related to your website content for best results.

Whenever some visitor finds the ad useful to him, he would click the ad to reach the advertiser’s site. For every such valid click, you receive some amount.

And as mentioned earlier, you are sent your total payment at the end of the month if it reaches a minimum of $100.

How To Get Started With Google Adsense?

First of all you need a website/blog which is ready for Adsense from every aspect. The site must comply to the google adsense program policies which you MUST read and understand properly before applying for Adsense.

Next head to https://www.google.com/adsense and click on the Sign-up button.

Sign-up for adsense

Then you would have to select the google account if you have any or you can create one now, its free.


After selecting the google account, you will have to submit details about your website that you want to place the ads on.

Actually, once you get approved by adsense you can place the same ads on any of your other websites too, but they must comply to the adsense policies for sure.


Head towards the last step and then wait for a response from the Adsense team via email.

Once you get approved by Adsense (you will get informed via email) you just need to create an ad unit and place it wherever you like on your website! Just login to http://google.com/adsense

Most Common Google Adsense Program Policies To Keep In Mind

  • You must be at least 18 years old to participate.
  • Your website/blog must not have content related to hacking/cracked software, gambling, mature content, must not be distributing copyrighted materials for free or must not be linking to such sites. In short no illegal stuff or stuff which can be objected in any way.
  • For some countries (mostly Asian countries), the minimum domain age (age of your website) has been set to 6 months. Check the program policies to know more about your country.
  • You can place 3 ad units + 3 link units at most on a single page. Place one more and you are gone forever. Check the point below.
  • Google Adsense doesn’t tolerate any kind of invalid activities or violations from your side. This includes (but is not limited to) clicking on your own ad units, asking someone to click, violating the web content policies or any other policy set by Adsense. If you are caught guilty by them, they can ban you immediately (yes, they do ban a lot of people daily. They are very famous for this.) and once you are banned from their program, there is no way to get back your account unless (but not guaranteed) you can prove them that you are not guilty (maybe less than 1% banned accounts get restored…that’s too less.)

So in short, you need to read their program policies (here) thoroughly and comply 100% to them forever.

How Much Can You Earn From Adsense

adsense-moneyEverybody says “Nobody can tell you that!”. Because the earnings made from Adsense isn’t fixed at all. It depends on a lot of factors that you don’t need to get deep inside, neither will it make any difference.

I can explain in brief that the earnings from Adsense depends on the content of your website (different niche have different approximate earning base), on geographic location of visitors, on your site’s traffic (Of course! More the traffic, more the earnings :) ), location of ad units, your website’s overall quality and reputation and a lot of other small or large factors.

It can be said that you can earn anything from $0.01 to $20 per click.

How Safe Is Adsense And Can We Trust It?

Of course. Thousands or maybe lakhs of adsense publishers receive their payments monthly without any issues. Adsense is no doubt the best PPC ad network which doesn’t spam your web design, is completely content friendly and totally trust worthy.

The only thing to worry is if Adsense will trust you and your site or not! ;)

Anything Else Worth Discussing?

I have tried to cover every small and large point worth knowing before getting started with Google Adsense. But if I missed anything and if you have any doubts about Adsense policies or approval process, do comment and let me know :)

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About the Author: Mahaveer Verma

Mahaveer Verma is the admin of Blogging Panorama. He is a student with great interest in blogging and technology. In this blog, he shares his knowledge about Blogging and SEO. Follow him on Google+

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  • Hey Mahaveer,

    Nice article, i have been using adsense since few months but many of the things i came to discover now… thanx a lot for it…
    Abhishek Vohera recently posted… Giveaway 3 : Andru Android Robot USB Travel Charger Worth 25$My Profile

    • Thanks for reading Abhishek :) By the way, I just checked that you are running a giveaway.. I hope you get a few more participants from my side :)
      Mahaveer Verma recently posted… 101 Ways To Make Money BloggingMy Profile

  • Hi, Mahaveer
    Very very informative post. google adsense is the best ads network for monetizing our blog and now the days its very tough to get approval from google adsense. I will follow your all steps. Hope if i follow your steps, I will get your approved by adsense soon. One extra thisng i would like know from you bro, If i get approved by google adsense can i keep my ads on my other blogs ?
    sohini sen recently posted… What Financial Actions Should You Take before Applying for SBA 8a Certification?My Profile

  • Thanks Mahaveer . As I think every blogger know about the adsense and want to want to make money using It . But Now days getting approved in hard than before . Before 2012 google was giving approval very quickly buy after that you must have to go through two step of verification to get fully approved and second step is very hard . If you hold a good blog that qualify adsense guidelines you may pass the first step but no one is sure about second step .

  • Well Said dude, nice article for newbies who don't know much about Adsense
    Amar ilindra recently posted… How To Root Htc Wildfire S And Install CWM RecoveryMy Profile

  • Thanks For the info mahaveer. Quite useful for newbies.
    Sumanth recently posted… Top 5 Free Antivirus Softwares for your Windows PCMy Profile

  • Hey can you tell me when you applied for adsense what was your blog age and how much traffic your were getting at that time and how many times you got rejected also i wanted to ask that how much traffic are you getting now and how much you earn now from adsense it will be a help for me pls answer all these questions :)
    Sanket recently posted… How to Download Whatsapp Plus for Android Free.My Profile

    • Hello Sanket. I got accepted in the first time only. While submission, my blog was about 3 months old (at that time there was no rule to wait for 6 months) and I was getting 200-300 pageviews daily.

      Now I am getting about 2000 pageviews daily. I can't include the details of my income though, because its against Adsense terms.

      Thanks for participating Sanket :)
      Mahaveer Verma recently posted… The Top Secret Recipe To Blog Like A ProMy Profile

  • Well Mahaveer,
    Let me tell you that most of the newbie bloggers out there try their best to get Adsense approval, and fails. And after Adsense rejects their approval request, they lose all their interest in blogging.

    I believe that Affiliate Marketing is the next Adsense, and all newbies should start practicing and optimizing their blog for affiliate marketing. What do you say Mahaveer?

    Btw, great article bro :D
    Akhil Pulotil recently posted… 5 Ways To Overcome Writer’s Block Like A Boss !My Profile

  • Great introduction to Adsense. It is one of the best programs of its kind.
    Mandeep Singh recently posted… How to Attract 1000 New Visitors to Your BlogMy Profile

  • Google Adsense is no doubt a first choice money making tool for most bloggers. However, just like you said, Google is also famous for banning people's Adsense accounts for numerous reasons. As such I would advice bloggers to also look for alternatives to make money online just in case. Great insights, Mahaveer!
    Peter Lee recently posted… Google AdSense Alternatives That WorkMy Profile

  • Hey Mahaveer,

    There are a lot of thing to say about Google Adsense. I think we can write more than 10000 words article about Adsense. However, Adsense isn't a good choice for blogging related niche. But I also use Adsense (But CTR is too low because almost my blog readers are also bloggers. They know that, this is a ad). What do you think?
    Raplus recently posted… How to Enhance Your Site’s ProfitabilityMy Profile

  • This is a well written post which will be helpful for newbie bloggers. I have my own reservations with Adsense though!
    Emmanuel recently posted… How Blogging can send you to an Early Grave?My Profile

  • I must admit that even though I am a full pledge internet marketer and SEO specialist, I have limited knowledge with PPC and Adsense. Only because I am employing organic method. But this is one great post about Adsense that I could learn from.
    Lisa Chaves recently posted… Twitter Analytics: A Fledgling Feature for Social AdvertisersMy Profile

  • Hello,

    Well no doubt adsense is the best ad network through which we can earn hello of income. Only if our application is approved :D or we already have an account.

    Sohail recently posted… LG PC Suite Free Download for Windows 8/7/XPMy Profile

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