How Google+ is Effective For Bloggers

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How Google+ is Effective For BloggersGoogle is like a God for all bloggers because this is the main source of their traffic. Whenever we talk about search engine traffic, we say Google traffic. Whenever we talk about SEO, we say SEO for Google. We have always been running after Google. So to secure good position in Google, why not take some help from Google itself! Google+ is the latest social media giant from Google. And here is how Google+ works in the best way for bloggers.

Do-follow Links

One of the best advantages of using Google+ is that anything shared on Google+ has a do-follow link. Facebook, twitter and others do not provide do-follow links. So whenever you share your content on Google+ you get one of the best do-follow backlinks. Also whenever someone uses a +1 button on your blog, it gives the blog post a do-follow backlink. So sharing your content on Google+ improves the site’s backlink SEO.

A Better Social Connection

Google+ has rapidly grown to overcome other social media like facebook and twitter (though not replacing them). Google+ circles are full of like minded people. So sharing a post on Google+ ensures that it reaches to people who are most likely to read your content. 
Google+ vs Facebook
In case of facebook, today people are addicted to it and usually pass their time on facebook by sharing funny pics and chatting and all these stuff (no offense towards facebook, I personally do like facebook too much,OK?). As far as my experience with Google+ goes, I have seen that Google+ has given my some good quality as well as quantity of readers for my blog. 
As a blogger, I also like to read what other people share on Google+. Connecting to other blogs gives me new and new ideas to blog about. This type of author and reader circle is created on Google+. Daily on Google+ one can get to know more and more about how to blog successfully, just by living actively on Google+.

The +1 Button and Author Information

As I told earlier in this post, the +1 button gives a do-follow backlink to your shared contents. The +1 button is very similar to Facebook’s ‘Like’ feature. 
Another feature that relies on Google+ is the blog’s author verification. If you search for something on the net (on Google search), then most of the times, you see a photo of the author along with name just next to the blog’s listing in the search result page. This is possible only for those bloggers who own a Google+ account. Most of you would have a Google+ account, right? 
Author Verification with Google+ Profile
Using your Google+ profile, you can assign an author to the content of your blog. Once the verification is done, you can see your photo next to your blog listing in search engine (as shown above). This increases of the chances of your search listing to be clicked and visited by users.

And many more…

The Fruit of Google+
Recently Google has introduced Author Rank to decide the quality of content. Google+ is the real weapon in this war. Here is nice article about Author Ranks from
By building a good blogging circle on Google+ one can get a large audience and +1s from Google+ which in turn also increase site rankings, pagerank and what not!
From Google+ one can connect to other top bloggers to learn tips about blogging, and get new ideas for blogging. Google+ gives new bloggers a platform to share their content with the best available audience.
Google+ is the social media which has the least spamming content. Google+ is more authentic and business-like compared to facebook and twitter.
Maybe there is still more that I missed out. Let me know from your comments!

About the Author: Mahaveer Verma

Mahaveer Verma is the admin of Blogging Panorama. He is a student with great interest in blogging and technology. In this blog, he shares his knowledge about Blogging and SEO. Follow him on Google+

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