Enjoy Your Holidays With Proper SEO Activities

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This time of the year is really a time to be engaged with shopping and holidays. All the festivals from Halloween to Thanksgiving, from Christmas to New Year surrounds throughout this season. It is obvious that holidays will slow down your natural traffic. But if few activities are taken care of properly, then your SEO efforts will not go into vain.
Blogging Holidays
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Get Suitable holiday keywords using Google Trend:

The ‘Google Trend’ tool will help you to get suitable keywords that match your requirements in this special season. This analytic tool will also help to provide keywords that were successful for the previous year. You will also have to look out for the keywords that lead to conversion for getting your desired result. 

Create content which is holiday-focused:

Holidays are filled with fun, gifts, shopping, planning etc. So the content can be focused on keywords like ‘presents’, ‘gifts’, ‘fun ideas’ ‘best buys’, ‘holiday plans’ etc. Some specific festival can be aimed by focusing on a specific content for ‘Christmas’ or ‘Thanks giving’. That fun-filled content will definitely attract more and more visitors. 

Create special gift set:

Few target groups can be created like children, mother, grandmother, uncle etc and then gift sets can be created for them keeping their age in mind. The company can send the gifts directly to their clients or can club the gifts with their products with special offers. Now this gifts and offers can be highlighted in the company site which will draw attention of the online visitors. 

Linking tactics:

Internal linking in the pages will be helpful in this case. Only highlighting the gifts and offers in the site content will not suffice. Linking them internally will help in increasing the page rank. You may follow the Pareto Principle of Link Building, which says that 80 percent of the effect/value comes from 20 percent of the causes. So that means 80 percent of page rank comes from 20 percent of the back links of the site. Re structuring your internal links with specific keywords targeted according to location or specific industry will be noteworthy for boosting up your page rank. But never overdo internal linking because Google suggests keeping your internal links in a page to fewer than 100. 

Use Blogs to attract traffic:

Publishing blogs with the content having a touch of this festive mood will surely attract more visitors. The content should be very lively and fun filled so that it easily connects the mood of the readers. You may share your own holiday plans or may describe the gifts you have received in these festivals. You can also share any gift ideas with your readers or can upload any video of making fun toys for children. 

Do not forget to update your Meta description:

Neglecting the on page activities will not give the desired result. So your meta description should also be updated with this festive mood. The meta description should also contain keywords like gifts, presents, holidays, Christmas, thanksgiving etc. It will certainly draw your visitor’s attention and will be advantageous for your SEO Company. Keep a list of all the pages you have updated and do not forget to change it back after the festivals. 

Use your Social Networking:

Use the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter , Youtube etc to send your wishes or messages to the online visitors. This will help to spread the messages very rapidly to a large number of visitors. 

In this festive season, enjoy your holidays keeping in mind these few activities and never forget your own SEO best practices with a slight touch of ‘holiday’ flavor. 
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