Top 3 Reliable And Affordable Domain Registrars

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My previous article dealt with some tips to consider before buying a domain name. Now that you have chosen the perfect domain name for your blog you would be looking for the perfect domain registrar.
Domain Registration

A domain registrar is a company that lets you buy and register a domain name. All such domain registrars charge a certain fixed amount of money for registering the domain for you. A domain is registered on a “per year” scale. You can register a domain for 1 or 2 years or even 10 years. Even if you register a domain for only 1 year, you can renew your registration for next years anytime from the same domain registrar which also costs a certain charge on a “per year” scale.
I hope this clears the concept.
Also read about the scams related to free domain registrations. Don’t fall for these scams!

So now without wasting time, let me introduce you to the 3 most well known, reliable and at the same time affordable domain registrars.
The domain prices are subject to change very frequently and some of these 3 registrars mentioned below are famous for providing festive discounts throughout the year :) Thus mentioning the domain prices today would be useless for tomorrow. So I have not mentioned the current prices for registering domains through these registrar sites. But I assure you all that these 3 registrars are the most affordable and reliable ones.

1. Godaddy

Personally I prefer Godaddy the most. All my domains are registered through Godaddy and they have never provided me any chance for complaining.
Also there are many Godaddy promo codes available throughout the net that gift you with great discounts of upto even 80%.
Godaddy also offers other paid services like SSL certificate, WhoIsGuard and many more. All these services are optional but one can consider buying them if they can afford a few extra dollars per year. Godaddy is considered the largest domain registrar for present.

Check out domains by Godaddy here.

2. Name.com


Name.com is another reliable domain registrar that has been in this field from several years.

Name.com also provides extra services like SSL certificate,etc at an extra cost. This registrar can be considered as another affordable one.

3. Namecheap.com


As the name suggests, Namecheap is a real expert in providing domains at comparatively low price. At the time of writing, Namecheap provided registrations of .com domain for just $3.95 (This figure is subject to change anytime) while the above two cost about $9-10 for the same.

Along with the cheap price, Namecheap is also a reliable domain registrar used by many people out there. Namecheap also provides services like SSL certificate, WhoIsGuard, etc.

What do you say about these registrars?

How many of you have registered a domain before? Did you register it from any of these registrar sites or from some other site not mentioned here?
Do let us know your experience with your domain registrar and share your views with us!

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