Why Millions Of People Start And Quit Blogging

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I Quit

According to an estimate, there were about 200 million blogs online in 2012.

But do you think that all these blogs are made by bloggers who are aiming for a future with it? Do you think that all these blogs are even readable and generate new content even once a year?
If you think yes (I know you don’t!), then you are completely wrong :(
Yes, it is true that there are about 200 million blogs, but most of them are just rubbish 2-3 page blogs or just another “cracked games” or “wallpapers” blogs. Agree??? I am sure you would agree to me. Want a proof? Whenever you search for anything on Google, you get to see lakhs of results but just click on the last page’s last result link and see yourself…
No. I am not talking about their lack of SEO and content that sends them to the last page. I am talking about their useless blog. Sorry to use a bit rude language but that is because this topic makes me a bit angry. Specially when statistics add those blogs also. If we count the number of really readable blogs, then it would not exceed 50 million.
Today, people just start a blog for nothing and abandon it like anything. I feel that it is an injustice to the blogoshere because due to these “start and quit” bloggers, people hesitate before starting their own blog. And most of the times, it is the mistake of such bloggers themselves that they abandon their incomplete blog.
So what is the reason behind all these people who quit blogging?
“The reason to end lies in the reason to begin.” - Mahaveer Verma

So Why Do People Start Blogging Such That It Makes Them Quit In Future?

The main reasons for starting a blog are -
  • Hobby
  • Time-pass
  • The worst reason – MONEY
Yes! You got it. MONEY is the thing that most of the people start their blogs for. And this reason is the most foolish and worst ever reason according to me.

Blogging For Money

If you are planning of starting your own blog because you know you can earn from it….then I assure you that you have 99.99% chances of FAILING :(
Read the last line again. I said FAILING and not succeeding. This is one statement that every going-to-be-blogger should remember well because the 150 million useless and un-readable blogs I am talking about belong to bloggers who started blogging just for money.

My story – And it is NOT about Money!

When I started my first blog, I kept it secret from my physical friends, who interact with me in my physical world like school and my home. Because I started my blog as a hobby, I was even unknown that I could earn something from it! I didn’t want many people near me to know about my blog until it has achieved something great.
And when I got my first Adsense Check, I just showed it to some of my best friends and asked them to keep it a secret. Because I still believed that I had not achieved what I really wanted. It was not money that I took as my success. And this is something everyone should keep in mind.
Today, even though I tried to keep it a secret, most of my friends know that I am a blogger and I earn from it. Many times, when I am chatting with my Facebook friends, I get a friend who says -
Friend – Do you have your own blog?
Me- Yes.
Friend – Why do you write a blog?
Me – It is my hobby and I like it :)
Friend – Do you earn money from your blog?
Me – Yes. A little bit.
Friend – I want to make a blog too! Teach me how to make a blog. Plzzz…
This is an example of a typical chat that I had experienced many times by now.
What can be concluded from this?
  1. People go crazy after hearing the word ‘money’.
  2. People think blogging for money is easy like peeling potatoes.
If you are one of those people who get excited by hearing the word ‘money’ associated with the word ‘blogging’, then forget it. Blogging is not for you. Sorry!

How to test yourself if you want to start blogging for money

Yes or No
Answer this question in less than 3 seconds – Your blog will cover which topic???
If you can’t answer this question easily, and still want to start a blog…think again.
I have got many friends who ask me ideas about starting a new blog. I ask them about the field they are an expert and can write hundreds of words about it, but they don’t have any answer for that. They say, I will share wallpapers, cracked softwares and games and so on… There are over 150 million sites for such rubbish crack sites! Why do you want to create another one???
Some say – I will read some blogs and write about the same thing in my own words at my blog….OK. Now that is article spinning literally!!! If you don’t know about chemical properties of Oxygen, then how can you write about it just by reading from other sites???
If you find yourself in the same situation as some of my friends…..sorry to say again but you need to think over.
Blogging is about providing unique and simply awesome content to people.

Small blogs – Love it/Hate it

I am not against small blogs that post content only 1-2 times a month. Actually I do like them more than those “crack sites” that post 10 pages per day.
Suppose you have a personal blog. No you can not write on it everyday! Can you? Or if you are a really studious student and cannot manage blogging with studies, so you can post content only on Sundays. No problem at all. I am sure if you blog genuinely, then your blog will be followed by many readers even if you lack new content.
Third and most important example – You really want your blog just as your hobby and nothing commercial. Hats off to you if you have this mentality :)
It is not at all a bad idea if you want to create a blog just for fun and don’t want to go world-famous or earn thousands per month. Actually it is the best reason to start your blog! Keep it up!
So keeping a small blog is never bad and I don’t think that those blogs are any burden on the blogosphere :)
  1. Starting a Blog for money never works.
  2. Being unknown to what you should write on your blog is like being blind.
  3. Small or large, home or commercial, a blog should be genuine.
Above we discussed about how the wrong start disturbs and indeed destroys one’s just started blogging life. Now there are also people who start blogging and then abandon it because of failure or something else. What are those “something else”s?

Why People Quit Blogging

broken pencil - failure

Most people quit blogging due to failure.

But how do you know that your blog has failed? This is the main point where most bloggers fail to judge themselves. People think that they have failed when they are not able to earn good money from it.
That is the worst way to judge a blog’s success. Your blog may not earn anything but can get on top of the stairs of success. Your blog’s name would be on the tip of everyone’s tongue and you can still top the Google search engine results even if you don’t earn anything!
And even worse – some people think that they have failed because they were banned from Adsense! No comments here. You know what I mean to say!
Many people start with more than 1 blog and this is where they get to nowhere. When you are completely new to blogging, you should start with just one blog that you can give your complete attention to. I also own two blogs, but I started with just one and I still concentrate on that one.
If your blog does not cover good content on a single topic, if it does not sport a nice design and if you don’t give any time to it…then your blog will fail. I know this is true. And you should know this too. I don’t want any person who is reading this to contribute to the 150 million rubbish abandoned blogs!
Why am I repeating the words like “rubbish abandoned” and “crack blogs”? Because personally I have seen many people starting their blogging life with such sites. Most of the people start with wallpaper sites or share cracked games. That’s it. Now how can you get any success with it???
In short, people quit blogging due to -
  • Failure
  • Not earning money
Another short one, people fail when -
  • Blog doesn’t get visitors
  • Blog has no subscribers
  • Blog doesn’t get noticed
I should also add some points why people fail:
  • Low quality content
  • Improper blog designing
  • Over Inactivity by Blogger

Now your turn!

I am sure that after reading through this post, if are a new blogger or are just going to start blogging, then you would start and continue your blogging life with complete determination. I have one request for everybody reading this – Don’t start a blog just because you heard the word ‘money’ and don’t contribute to the already large 150 million blog list that are just another abandoned spam blogs.
Did you like reading this article? What are your personal views on blogging and why do you think people get lost and quit blogging? Do comment and share your views here!

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About the Author: Mahaveer Verma

Mahaveer Verma is the admin of Blogging Panorama. He is a student with great interest in blogging and technology. In this blog, he shares his knowledge about Blogging and SEO. Follow him on Google+

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  • Starting a Blog for money never works.

    This is a 100% true sentence. My first, 2 blogs were failed. Main reason for that is I did want only money. I don't think about content or my readers. So I failed. But then I started my new blog. Specially I thought about content and my readers in this blog. So I am happy in current situation. But I am not happy about my traffic. But I am never quite. I will try to do my best for give quality content for my readers.

  • Hey Raplus! Thanks for sharing your story here. I must say one thing about you that your new blog is simply awesome and now that you are on the right track, I am sure that your blog would get great success.

    I have read some of your blog posts and it looks like you are working really hard to deliver the best quality content. I am sure that in the near future, you would get many visitors and subscribers to your blog.

    So keep it up buddy! And thanks for visiting :)
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  • There are many people who starts blog to earn money only. They also don't have clear idea about their blog, they just create a blog in a hope that after starting a blog thousands of people come automatically and they would help them to make money.

    But things are never so simple, you need to create your own USP so that people actually come to your blog. Initially you have to focus on marketing and link building so that you can get traffic from search engines and from various social networking sites. For this step also you need to have a good plan otherwise this whole thing become a mess for you, and you won't be able to do anything except quitting.
    My recent post MLM Software Developers

  • I started my blogging career with Tech Blog's . I made continous tech blogs because of failing in my attempts of posting quality content ,I was about to quit my career then I started blogging with passion . Now here I am with a stable high traffic tech blog .
    My recent post Is Search Engine Optimization soon becoming the Blogger’s first Priority

  • Very true said Aasma. Without proper planning, nobody can get anything from their blog. Thanks for visiting.
    My recent post Blog Commenting Safely Even After Penguin

  • Thanks for visiting here and sharing your experience Navneet. I really appreciate it. And I hope your blogging career would continue smoothly now :)
    My recent post 4 MUST Seo Tools For Your Site

  • People want to earn the money in short term so they are starting it but not maintaining it properly with good updates nice way you have communicate the message Mahaveer
    My recent post Never Forget- 5 most important SEO Tips

  • Thanks. I always try to give quality content for my readers now. The problem is my poor English and Time. I am a student. So I haven't enough time for blogging. But I will try to do my best.
    My recent post Are Alexa and PageRank Important for Bloggers

  • Trying is the key to success :)

    I am also a student and even I can't give enough time to my blogs because of my studies. But student bloggers like us should be proud of it! We should be proud of handling both studies and blogging at the same time ;-)

    My best wishes are with you Raplus :)
    My recent post Blog Commenting Safely Even After Penguin

  • Very true Mohideen. People just want money instantly and this is the mentality I hate! Thanks for visiting :)
    My recent post Blog Commenting Safely Even After Penguin

  • Hi Mahaveer….
    I totally agree with your point , you mentioned here……I wrote the similar article in the starting of my blogging journey.
    Money is really worst reason to start a blog. Most of the people started a blog with a dream.
    Week1 and Week2 – setup blog and copy paste 5-10 article
    Week3-Week4 – Get AdSense approved and put ads
    Week5-Week6 – only 5 clicks in two week (AdSense balance 1.07$)….
    They started click themself or asking friends to click and within 1-2 days their adsense account banned.
    This is the story of 99.99% blogs.

    Blogging is not an ATM that can give you money from day 1…. its like mutual fund…. invest today and reap the benefit in long run.
    My recent post How To Start a Successful Career in Freelancing – I made 900$ in one month

  • True said Sandeep! This is exactly what I think about the dreams of those people who start blogging just for money without any base. People should seriously keep in mind that blogging is not an ATM…

    Thanks for visiting Sandeep :)
    My recent post 10 MUST Follow Twitter Marketing Tips

  • Every month many people start blogging and leave away. It is assume that almost 97% of people leave blogging after certain period and balance stand out as a blogger! Blogging requires a lot of dedication and patience which many bloggers are lack of. Your ideas are practical and to-the-point.
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  • Great quote sandeep, but I think the adsense Approval need atleast 6 months to be aproved in india and 3-4 week is too liberal in such case.., even at anyplace in the world it needs at least 8 weeks to be approved..,
    I am totally agree with rest you said..,
    My recent post How to Install Java in your Computer?

  • Did you know that over 81% of bloggers never make more than $100 off of their site? And quite a high percentage of blogs are abandoned within a year? And you're exactly right, it's because the bloggers only do it for money. Often times they'll choose a niche they're not even interested in, because it pays highly, and then be so bored with writing about the subject they don't care about that they'll just give up. It's kind of sad, really.
    My recent post Help Start My Site – Changing Your Life Online!

  • Blogging requires dedication – That's the most important thing. Thanks for reading Taswir :)
    My recent post Question By Every Beginner – What is SEO and How To Do It?

  • 81% is a huge figure! And I agree that many times people choose a niche in which they are not interested and that is the main reason that they are not able to do well in it.. and ultimately the quit!
    My recent post The Top Secret Recipe To Blog Like A Pro

  • I think it’s great that you kept your blog a secret until you had achieved what you believed to a benchmark of success. It hits home for me, because I am the same way.
    Money is never a motivator, but people cite it as the reason for doing things all the time. I commend you for putting your money where your mouth is and taking action first and taking about it later!
    If people could realize that if they blogged or wrote about stuff they are passionate about, the commitment to continue a blog would be almost easy. We would not see as many blogs failing.
    Keep up the great work.

  • Great article Mahaveer.
    I also have just started blogging as a patient education initiative.
    Keep guiding us.
    PARITOSH TRIVEDI recently posted… Diabetes SymptomsMy Profile

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